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Customer Testimonial: Tax Season Computer Rentals

July 25, 2010

Customer Testimonial: Tax Season Computer RentalsMy name is Joe Hendrix and I’m an accountant in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.   I’ve had a small accounting firm in town for ten years and for nine of those years, I’ve been a customer.  Let me tell you a little bit more about me and why I would recommend to anyone who is need of computer rentals for tax season.

I was 33 when I started my own business. After working for a major national company for five years, I knew that it was time to branch out on my own and offer something the national company couldn’t: customer service.  Don’t get me wrong, my co-workers and I prepared taxes and helped our customers with a smile – most of us anyway – but because the company was so big, ultimately, everyone was just a number or more money coming into the company.  I got into accounting because I wanted to help people, not because of the money.  

Starting your own business at 33, when you’ve got a wife, two young kids, and a mortgage can be pretty scary.  After I’d rented the building and hired two employees, I was basically broke.  I couldn’t afford a lot of office equipment, so my two employees shared a computer and printer, and we all did a lot of work from our homes.  We didn’t even have a copy machine.   It was a nightmare and once that first tax season was over, I swore I’d find a solution before the next year.  

Someone suggested renting equipment for the office, but I had no idea you could even do such a thing.   However, I did a quick internet search for “copier rentals” and saw that you can indeed rent copiers. was at the top of the search, so I knew it had to be a good company.  I was absolutely right.  

After one quick phone call, not only were they able to answer my questions about renting a copier, they were able to suggest other technology I could rent for my business and they were extremely friendly.  As I mentioned, customer service is very important to me.  

I ended up renting a copier from and it was delivered to my office the next day, set-up so we could use it immediately, and anytime we had a problem with it, a technician came out to fix it.   Eventually, as my business grew, I found myself using for other needs.  My office has grown from two employees to ten employees, and even then, when tax season comes around each year, I find myself having to hire several temps.   I learned the hard way that every employee needs their own computer, so, when the temps start each year, I rent them each their own desktop from and just like the copier, they are delivered, set-up, and we’re able to get the most current technology available.  

If it weren’t for, I’m not sure I would have been able to grow my business like I did and for that, I will be forever grateful.  That’s why I would recommend them to anyone who needed to rent any type of technology for their office.  

– Joe P. Hendrix, Owner & Manager of small accounting firm in Northwest Florida


Why Rent a Copier?

July 14, 2010

Did You Know You Could Rent a Copier

Did you know that you can rent a copier?  

 You might need a copier rental if…

  • …you’re having a corporate event and need a copier temporarily
  • …your company has a big project that requires extra copying power
  • …you’re doing year-end fiscal reports and it requires more copier access than your office provides
  • …you are setting up a temporary office
  • …you are starting a small business but can’t afford to pay thousands of dollars for a copier
  • …you want to increase employee productivity and need extra technology
  • …you are in charge of a trade show or convention and need to make copies in large volumes

You can rent a copier for…

  • … a day
  • … a week
  • … a month
  • … as long as you need

Your copier rental can be delivered to…

  • …your office
  • …you trade show
  • …your convention
  • …your corporate event
  • …any convention center
  • …any location in the United States

You can rent…

  • …low-volume copiers that print up to 15 CPM
  • …medium-volume copiers that print up to 25 CPM
  • …high-volume copiers that print up to 50 CPM  
  • …color copiers with up to 12 CPM
  • …color copiers with duplex attachments
  • …production grade printing systems

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