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Reasons to rent an iPad

October 7, 2010

iPad’s are Apple’s newest innovation in portable computing. They have a 9.7-inch touch screen and the ability to perform most basic computer functions as well as to run tons of apps from the Apple app store. It can even function as an e-reader with apps for Kindle and Nook as well as Apple’s own e-reader app. This shiny machine has piqued the interest of thousands, but many people still refuse to pay the huge price to own an iPad without having used one. Are you one of these people? Why not rent an iPad to get a feel for it? There are plenty of opportunities to rent an iPad and see if it’s a fit.

First off, iPad’s are portable. They are fantastic for things like running a booth at a convention or taking notes on a tour. With built-in 3G it is possible to access anything on the go without having to carry around a bigger laptop or MacBook.  The 3G is accessible almost anywhere and is super fast.  No other hand-held device can perform all of the tasks that the iPad can and still be considered so portable.

Another reason to rent an iPad is that it can take the place of many other mobile devices. An iPad can check email, play MP3’s and hold thousands of books in one package. Imagine flying on an airplane and being able to listen to your playlist while reading a great novel and not being tangled in multiple cables or having to put down your book to switch a song. Everything is right at your fingertips at all times.

The iPad can be considered a gateway device to being an Apple lover the same way the iPod Touch is. Its abilities to be a multimedia player and gaming system while at the same time being a great accessory for the business-savvy person makes it a device that almost anyone can use and enjoy. Taking a trip by car, plane, or train is made more entertaining and more time efficient than ever before. Click here to rent an iPad for your next trip, meeting, or convention.

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