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4 Office Equipment Rental Benefits

September 14, 2010

Office Copier Rentals For Your Businesses

1- Office equipment rentals can provide a complete turnkey solution. A single source for all your office technology needs delivered and installed at a moments notice nationwide

2- Office equipment rentals can be expensed so you avoid the ongoing financial burden of accounting for and depreciating expensive assets.

3- Office equipment rentals are the perfect solution for those in seasonal business or those who need short term offices such as  the Tax Preparation Industry, the Entertainment Industry,

4- Office equipment rentals are the fastest way to get your office back up and operating after a disaster. With a full range disaster recovery service your Tech Travel Agent can provide the hardware and the technical expertise your business needs during tough times.

Our comprehensive office equipment rental services include:
Office Computer Rentals, Office Copier Rentals, Office Fax Machine Rentals, Office Printer Rentals, Office File Server Rentals, Office Laptop Rentals, Office Monitor Rentals, Office Projector Rentals and more!


Security Camera System Rental

February 28, 2010

Did you know you can rent security cameras for your convention, trade show, conference, corporate event and training sessions? and Camera Security Now have teamed up to bring you multiple security camera technology options including IP and CCTV solutions.

We have it all for rent: Surveillance Systems, switches, routers, cables, surveillance clients….everything you need for a comprehensive event surveillance network…now available for rent. Find our more and request a rate here: Security Camera System Rental

With our security camera rental systems, we can deploy as few as 4 and as many as hundreds of cameras all viewable over the internet, or even your Apple iPhone.

Yes, Complete surveillance video networks are available for rent !

A camera system complete with central monitoring station with automated recording, and cameras rents for as little as $59 per camera/day*.

Flexible Camera Rental Periods

Rent Security Cameras for a month, a week, a day or just a few hours. We can provide on site camera security technicians on-site for your entire event, or we can monitor your event remotely. Either way, you have the option to have your equipment professionally managed, or to run the security cameras with your existing staff.


*Subject to availability, price based on quantity, model of camera and video server.

10 Hr Battery Life Laptop Rental Unit

February 20, 2010

Just last year, notebook companies were touting 8 hour battery life. Now we are up to 10 hours and I hear there is an 18 hour model in the works! This new ‘longer life battery’ technology was on display at the International Technology Rental Association Trade Show in San Diego earlier this year. John Beagle was there with his Tech Travel show to see new longer life laptops first hand.

Reserve the 10 Hour Battery Life Laptop Rental for any length of time with a Tech Travel Agent -800-736-8772.