Why Rent a Plasma TV?


Why Rent a Plasma TV

Did you know that you can rent a Plasma TV?

You might rent a Plasma TV if…

  • …you’re planning to exhibit at a trade show or convention and want to make a great impression
  • …you need to use one in a different location and don’t want to move your own personal one due to how easily they break
  • …you’re planning to play a video at a party and you want to make a good impression with a  top quality display
  • …you’re gathering friends for a big event such as the Super Bowl and want to watch the big event on an impressive display

You can rent a Plasma for…

  • … a day
  • … a week
  • … a month
  • … as long as you need

Your plasma rental can be delivered to…

  • …your office
  • your trade show
  • …your convention
  • …your home
  • …your corporate event
  • …any convention center
  • …any location in the United States

You can rent…

  • … a 37″ Plasma
  • …a 42″ Plasma
  • …a 50″ Plasma
  • …a 61″ Plasma
  • …a 94″ Plasma
  • …a 103″ Plasma
  • …custom size Plasmas that fit your needs

You can request accessories to go along with your Plasma such as…

  • …Floor Mounts
  • …Wall Mounts
  • …Speakers
  • …Specialty Cables

For more information on Plasma Rentals, visit Rentacomputer.com.


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