Why Rent a Copier?


Did You Know You Could Rent a Copier

Did you know that you can rent a copier?  

 You might need a copier rental if…

  • …you’re having a corporate event and need a copier temporarily
  • …your company has a big project that requires extra copying power
  • …you’re doing year-end fiscal reports and it requires more copier access than your office provides
  • …you are setting up a temporary office
  • …you are starting a small business but can’t afford to pay thousands of dollars for a copier
  • …you want to increase employee productivity and need extra technology
  • …you are in charge of a trade show or convention and need to make copies in large volumes

You can rent a copier for…

  • … a day
  • … a week
  • … a month
  • … as long as you need

Your copier rental can be delivered to…

  • …your office
  • …you trade show
  • …your convention
  • …your corporate event
  • …any convention center
  • …any location in the United States

You can rent…

  • …low-volume copiers that print up to 15 CPM
  • …medium-volume copiers that print up to 25 CPM
  • …high-volume copiers that print up to 50 CPM  
  • …color copiers with up to 12 CPM
  • …color copiers with duplex attachments
  • …production grade printing systems

For more information on Copier Rentals, visit Rentacomputer.com


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